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  • HART Handheld Communicator
    This HART Communicator is a portable, intrinsically safe handheld communicator that may be used to configure and test any HART device. As the industry standard, the 475 Field Communicator incorporates unique features that simplify your work on the bench and in the field.
  • TCH-B200
    Model TCH-B200 is a hand held address programmer designed to address the ESP range of Sensors and all other addressable devices such as wall sounders, mini-modules and manual call points
  • 16091
    This test unit has been designed to generate a wide range of optical output signals. Flame sensors for fire detection and flame monitoring applications can be activated and tested.
  • YBN-UA
    Model YBN-UA is a mounting adaptor for both the ESP and CDX range of ivory sensors and detectors and their associated mounting bases. The YBN-UA allows a base and head combination to be flush mounted by providing a recess fixing the ceiling.
  • SOLO 100
    SOLO 100
    A telescopic pole for use with the SOLO range of detector tester 'heads'. Extends from 1.27 m to 4.48 m in 4 sections allowing access up to approx 6 m. can be combined with other extensions poles up to 9 m.
  • SOLO 101
    SOLO 101
    A 1.13 m extension pole, several of which can be combined with the SOLO 100 Telescopic Pole to reach ceilings up to 9m.
  • SOLO 108
    SOLO 108
    A telescopic pole for use with the SOLO range of detector tester 'heads'. Extends from 1 m to 2.5 m in 2 sections allowing access up to approx 4 m.
  • SOLO 200
    SOLO 200
    A Universal Detector Removal Tool suitable for the majority of current Hochiki detectors Can be used in combination with the SOLO smoke poles.
  • SOLO 424
    SOLO 424
    SOLO 424 A Heat Detector Tester, mains-powered designed for a 220/240 V power supply.
  • SOLO 423
    SOLO 423
    SOLO 423 A Heat Detector Tester, mains-powered designed for a 110/120 V power supply.
  • SOLO 461
    SOLO 461
    A Cordless Heat Detector Tester which utilises 'Cross Air Technology' to ensure the correct temperature is applied to the sensing elements, not the detector plastics.
  • SBT
    La scatola di terminazione / kit di separazione serie STB modello è destinata all'uso in aree pericolose. È consigliato per semplificare il cablaggio del sensore che consente anche il montaggio del sensore a distanza dal trasmettitore / dispositivo di controllo associato.

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